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Ctex Staking is a Staking Portal of Ctex Clients for getting Staking Benefits from Ctex Scan Blockchain.

Ctex Scan, a fast, scalable and secure blockchain ecosystem, was created as a Layer 7 Blockchain Platform for the Ethereum Virtual Machine. It's a PoW blockchain (proof of works) like Ethereum, but it also supports staking or liquidity mining. This gives investors and participants more ways to make money. Ctex Scan's fully EVM compliant platform allows developers to create usable, scalable dApps quickly and at an affordable cost. Ctex Scan relies on Proof of Work (PoW), which is a decentralisation method that ensures authenticity. This high-performance blockchain can handle up to 1,000,000 transactions per second while maintaining high security levels for both the network and users' data. Average block time is 5 seconds. The transaction fees for Ctex Scan remain low, and will likely stay that way indefinitely.

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Ctex chain is secured by the layer 7 blockchain technologies

Dual fee token

Pay network fees in $ctex or the protocol’s native currency


Interact with ctex chain on your favorite settlement layer


Cloud compute

Build smarter dapps by connecting to off-chain apis

High throughput

Improved transaction scalability

Reduced fees

Up to 100x cheaper than the underlying blockchain

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